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AdvanceClub is the best place for you or your child to learn about Fortnite. From beginners to aspiring esports athletes or those looking to be full time content creators, AdvanceClub offers comprehensive courses from the top professional Fortnite players, one-on-one training sessions with professional coaches, and weekly up-to-date content to help stay informed on the newest updates and meta changes.

The Advance Pass includes everything we offer in one location, helping you or your child achieve their goals in Fortnite. Whether you're looking to get more wins, joining community events, or building a social following with their Fortnite skills, AdvanceClub has the tools to Advance your Game!

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Watch Advance Classes created by the best minds in Fortnite to help you get better and reinforce the basics.


Get 1-on-1 coaching sessions with some of the greatest Fortnite players to take your game to the next level.


Take the new knowledge that you have learned in Advance Classes to the game! Participate in community events against fellow Fortnite players.


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The most up-to-date content and meta updates for Fortnite.

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Community Events

Apply your knowledge and sharpen your Fortnite skills by participating in community events alongside all AdvanceClub members.

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