Meet MrSavage and discover how he can help you improve your gaming skills.

1st place Dreamhack Anaheim 2020
Get insight into his mentality, learn top tips for drop spots and rotation, and see a full VOD review from MrSavage.
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Meet MrSavage and discover how he can help you improve your gaming skills.

Lesson 1 - The Beginning

Learn about how MrSavage started playing Fortnite and:

- How were his early days;
- How he got introduced to the competitive scene;
- How he became one of the most consistent pro players;
- What made him so famous!

Lesson 2 - Warm-Up

MrSavage talks about his daily routine and:

- His warm-up practices;
- Important aspects that all players should know;
- What is an optimal routine;
- How to get the most valuable practice;
- His favorite maps to warm-up;
- How to pick your own maps to train!

Lesson 3 - Early Game

Early Game is the foundation of your match. Watch as MrSavage explains important factors to have in mind that will help the future of your game.
In this lesson you'll learn:
- How to master your landing spot;
- How to deal with being contested off the spawn;
- Best loadout for first zone rotation;
- Dead side vs. congested side;
- Positioning.

Lesson 4 - Mid-Game

Mid-Game can be tricky. Learn how to keep track of important details that can make-or-break your match.
In this lesson you'll learn:
- Preparation during the second zone;
- Third zone rotation;
- The best way to top off your mats;
- Picking your fights wisely;
- Preparing for endgame

Lesson 5 - End Game

On the End Game, a split second can determine your victory or defeat. MrSavage explains the importance of each factor in order to get a win.
In this lesson you'll learn:
- How to use mobilities in the fifth zone;
- Moving zones rotation;
- Importance of Impact Frags and how to get them
- Mats Conservation
- Layer Positioning
- Deadly Combination for the Final Moments

Lesson 6 - Teams

Even for one of the best solo players, Fortnite is best enjoyed with partners. Watch as MrSavage explains how to gather, and maintain, an awesome team.
In this lesson, you'll get MrSavage's tips about:
- Finding teammates;
- Practicing as a team;
- Roles and what they mean;
- Communication;
- What to do if you get eliminated;
- Learning with your mistakes

Lesson 7 - Mental State

MrSavage will teach you the following:

- A level-headed attitude will bring you more victories;
- The importance of stay focused;
- That even pros get nervous, but you can use this to benefit yourself;
- It's fine to be upset, but only after the game is over;
- How to improve your mentality, with simple tricks!

Lesson 8 - Mr200IQ

There's a lot of things to be learned from Mr200IQ, like:

- What builds to do and when;
- How to edit smart;
- Right hand peek;
- How to position yourself in fights;
- Why you want to have your crosshair at the right point at all times

Also, check an end game VOD review, showing why he is Mr200IQ

Lesson 9 - VOD Review: Trios

Playing team modes brings different threats and opportunities. Watch as MrSavage describes mistakes and successes in a match:

- Insights for positioning;
- How to play high ground;
- When to split your team and when to stay together;
- How to rotate as a team

Lesson 10 - VOD Review: Solo

Playing solo means even more challenges. MrSavage breaks down how he was able to win this game by:

- Knowing how to do perfect rotates;
- Playing dead side of the zone;
- Staying out of fights;
- Always topping of mats;
- Keep your shields full

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