World Champion

Meet 2019 World Cup Winner Bugha, your new Fortnite instructor.

2019 World Cup Winner
Bugha breaks down his tips on improving in the game, some key strats to achieving next level goals, and discusses what it takes to become world champion.
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World Champion

Meet 2019 World Cup Winner Bugha, your new Fortnite instructor.

Lesson 1 - This is Bugha

Learn a bit more about Bugha's history and how he rose to the top of the Fornite world.
Bugha will teach you how:
- Look for scrims and climb the ladder;
- Important points about competitive;
- How he went from a regular player to World Champion.

Lesson 2 - Routine

Bugha talks about his daily habits to optimize his schedule for practice and competing.
In this lesson you'll learn about:
- Bugha's daily habits to optimize his schedule;
- What maps you should be using for warm-up your aim and mechanics;
- How to improve your results.

Lesson 3 - Early Game

The Early Game, might seem easy but it is a lot more than just asking your team "Where are we dropping, boys?"
In this lesson, you'll learn how to:
- Pick the best landing spot;
- Deal with being contested off the spawn;
- First zones rotation;
- How to move around the map optimally;
- Important points to cover before Mid Game.

Lesson 4 - Mid Game

There are many important things to be aware of when reaching the Mid Game to make sure you reach End Game and prepare to get your Victory Royale.
In this lesson, you'll learn how about:
- Storm Surge;
- Loadouts;
- Engaging in fights;
- Mobility Items;
- Pads Techniques;
- Rotation Timing.

Lesson 5 - End Game

The End Game is a hectic moment in the game where anything can happen. Learn Bugha's advice to make sure you get more of this critical time.
Here you'll learn to face the following challenges:
- 5th zone rotation;
- Moving zone rotation;
- Acknowledging risks;
- Tarping efficiency;
- Impact Frags;
- Layer Positioning.

Lesson 6 - Building Meta

Fortnite changes. A lot. Watch Bugha's tips on what to keep track from season to season.
In this lesson you will learn about:
- How to Adapt to New Metas;
- Choosing Your Keybinds;
- Box Fighting Techniques;
- Tarping Techniques.

Lesson 7 - Team Play

To succeed as a team, you need to understand what a team needs and how to achieve it. Let Bugha help you with that.
In this lesson you will learn about:
- Roles;
- Becoming a better IGL;
- Importance of the Support player;
- Fragger definition;
- Communication;
- How to pick your teammates.

Lesson 8 - Tournaments

Playing tournaments is no easy task. Let this pro teach you all that you need to increase your winning chance.
In this lesson you will learn:
- How to prepare for an Online Tournament;
- Avoiding being eliminated off spawn;
- Time Management;
- Keeping it together.

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2019 World Cup Winner
1st place Dreamhack Anaheim 2020
Winner - Secret Skirmish 2019
Professional Fortnite Coach

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