Tim "Bizzle" Miller

Bizzle is one of the most experienced Fortnite pros of this day and age. And now he's your new instructor.

Winner - Secret Skirmish 2019
Find out how Bizzle has been able to adapt to the changing meta and stay on top of his game for years.
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Tim "Bizzle" Miller

Bizzle is one of the most experienced Fortnite pros of this day and age. And now he's your new instructor.

Lesson 1 - This is Bizzle

Check out how Bizzle began his career and:

- How he went from hating Fortnite to loving it;
- How he started to win money from playing;
- When he was signed up for an org;
- How it felt to become recognized as a pro player

Lesson 2 - Routine

Bizzle helps you to understand:

- How to create your own routine;
- What should be your priorities in training;
- The importance of taking breaks (and play with your dogs!);
- How to practice in order to keep on top for years in esports

Lesson 3 - Adapting to New Metas

Bizzle breaks down how to adapt to new metas:

- Know what's the best loadout you can run;
- Understand your strength with each item;
- Train hard to know all the situations you can use an item;
- Explore all your loot options

Lesson 4 - Consistency and Mentality

Bizzle explains how:

- A consistent playstyle brings more victories;
- Better rankings;
- Greater results;
- How your mentality affects your game
- What to do to succeed in tournaments

Lesson 5 - Teammates

Fortnite is as much a team game as it is a solo one. Bizzle explains about team modes:

- The importance of know what your teammates are doing;
- What are their loot;
- Switching roles;
- How to make good loot combinations

Lesson 6 - Early Game

Bizzle will teach everything about Early Game:

- Why it is the most important part of Fortnite;
- What to look for in a landing spot;
- How to make a landing spot uncontested;
- How to act in Early Game

Lesson 7 - Mid Game

Check out important points to have in mind that will turn your Mid Game into a path for victory:

- Where to set in a circle;
- Avoid situations where you can take damage;
- Look for the easiest way possible to rotate;
- Figure it out where the other teams and players are around you

Lesson 8 - End Game

Bizzle teaches key skills to control the End Game:

- Fast thinking;
- Good decisions;
- Excellent management

Lesson 9 - VOD Review: Dreamhack

Bizzle reviews one of his games at Dreamhack, giving you in-game insights that can improve your game, like:

- Saving up your mats;
- How to get the most of each opportunity;
- Tips on end game rotation;
- How to pick your layer in solos

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